After 7 years, is it too late to train my dog?

I am amazed at how you have completely changed the stressful and uncontrollable dynamic with our dog into a peaceful, trained, and pleasurable one. Sadie began as a constantly barking, jumping up dog who was totally untrained and unwalkable. After 7 years, I figured it was way too late to train her. Well, you proved me wrong!

The very next day, after doing all of the things you taught me and my family, I just couldn’t believe the change. Sadie was still the same sweet dog, but she was also obedient, much quieter, and I was controlling her, rather than vice versa.

Your innate talent, gift, and sensitivity, combined with your absolute professionalism, are amazing. Thank you! You are the best investment ever! With gratitude from our peaceful home.

– Diane O., Ardsley, NY

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