Our Founder

Robert Kornfeld, Dog Commander FounderRobert Kornfeld began his career as a police officer in Connecticut, where he received his police dog training from the world-renowned Canine Unit of the Connecticut State Police. The twelfth oldest program in the United States, it is widely regarded as a leading in-service training program for service dogs from across the country and the world, training dogs for Greece, Egypt, Israel and Chile.

After graduating at the top of his training class, Robert was instrumental in starting a canine program for his department that grew five-fold during his tenure. He trained his K9 partners to search for drugs, track down lost children, and educate the community about the role of police dogs. He and K9 officer Luke were well decorated in state and national work dog association competitions.

Police dog training was just the start of Robert’s career working with dogs. Finely attuned to a dog’s body language and demeanor, he found he could often translate what motivated a dog’s behavior to its owners and develop techniques to alter behavior. After an early retirement from the force, Robert founded Dog Commander so he could help families across Westchester, NY and Manhattan, understand and have a better connection with their dogs.

He views his work as education, not training, and he develops customized lesson plans and exercises for each family. In addition to his obedience and training work, Robert is trained in social work and counseling. He and his therapy dogs work with autistic children, disabled people, and the elderly, providing dogs for companionship at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.