Behavior Modification

Everything flows down leash. Dogs take their cues from their owners and reflect that energy in their own actions. Dog Commander Robert Kornfeld works with owners to identify signals that confuse dogs, and replace them with verbal commands and body language that encourage positive behavior.

Max Jack Russell Terrier - Susan M Chappaqua, NYI can’t thank you enough for helping us to understand our beloved dog, Max, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Susan M. – Chappaqua, New York

The Dog Commander trains behavior structure around the Alpha dog by setting limits, creating consistency, and instilling a sense of fairness that will make the dog feel safe and secure. Owners learn to reinforce good behavior through body positioning, talking to their dogs, and ensuring all family members are contributing to successful behavior modification.

The sessions are designed to eliminate bad behavior, including jumping up on furniture, eating from the table, excessive barking, and overly aggressive activity. Skills concentrate on positive reinforcement, timing, and building a more constructive, loving relationship between dog and owner.