Obedience Training

At Dog Commander, we believe that every dog, like every person, has its limitations. Our obedience training focuses on setting realistic expectations based on the individual dog. We help owners listen to their dogs so they can better understand why their dogs may be displaying disobedient behavior.

Sadie yellow lab - Diane O ArdsleyI am amazed at how you have completely changed the dynamic with our dog, Sadie, into a peaceful, trained, and pleasurable one.

Diane O. – Ardsley, New York

Whether that dog may be lonely, receiving confusing signals, or craving a more structured routine affects how it will respond to training. Our reading of the dog affects how we approach the training relationship, shaping our lesson plan and the series of exercises we will perform with the dog over time.

Our first meeting is an in-depth session that involves not only dog and trainer, but everyone in the family. In this meeting, we develop a customized training plan, along with skills for the family to practice in between sessions. Future sessions depend on the dog’s progress and include additional in-person meetings, phone calls and emails to gauge progress and teach new skills.